Quality Assessment

Quality Assessment

If your business relies heavily upon customer calls, quality assessment and monitoring is a valuable tool to have in place. Target Telecoms provides an easy to use quality monitoring tool for small to medium businesses. Helping your staff to improve the way in which they communicate with your customers, this is a powerful solution to invest in.

Features of the service

One of the best benefits of this service is the ability to store a wide range of information. You can monitor applications, the telephone and any screen activity that occurred when a customer contacted the business. This information is then ready to view when it is most convenient.

You are also able to set the tool to choose a call at random to be reviewed. You will be given a list of criteria to mark the calls against – keeping scores allows you to see which teams or individuals, if any, are lacking in performance.

The media player enables you to tag and add notes to certain parts of the conversation, allowing you to review or query the call at a later date.

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