We provide a range of virtual numbers to businesses, along with a selection of useful add on services. These include call recording and call management. Just some of the numbers we offer include:


If you’d prefer, we could also port your current numbers. This enables you to experience the same lower cost benefits while staying with your current provider. It typically takes us one working day to get the virtual number up and running.

Benefits you’ll experience

One of the main benefits of virtual numbers is improved disaster recovery. If something goes wrong with your phone system, the calls can be re-routed to another location. You can also choose to have calls directed to your mobile without having to give your clients/customers another number – very helpful for those in a sales driven industry.

We will provide you with call reports which break down line utilisation and the volume of calls you receive. The cost-saving benefits are also a major advantage; you’ll save on maintenance, capex and installation costs.

You can keep the virtual number as long as you want as the numbers aren’t dependent upon location. Virtual numbers help your business to stay ahead of the game and in touch with staff, clients and customers no matter where you are.