Fibre Ethernet

Ethernet circuits, or leased lines give you the ability to connect directly to the internet with guaranteed performance and business grade SLAs. With the added feature of an automatic failover to an ADSL circuit, in the unlikely event of the main Fibre Ethernet breaking service, we can guarantee 99.98% availability of your internet access!

If your organisation operates over multiple sites, fibre Ethernet can also be used to link the sites together and create a managed Wide Area Network or WAN, or as point to point connectivity.

As technology has advanced over the recent years, and more bandwidth has become available, so prices have fallen. Typically these circuits tend to be around half the price of similar bandwidth circuits of just 3 years ago, so you can be sure that your IT demands don’t eat up your budget. If you’re not convinced, just ask for a no obligation quotation..

We know how much organisations depend upon their data networks to communicate, and run business critical applications, which is why our fibre Ethernet solutions are one of the best options with their guaranteed performance and uptime..

With a fibre Ethernet circuit, you can benefit from the fastest internet connection available in the UK, as well as:
As a private data circuit you benefit from uncontested bandwidth, meaning you won’t have to share with other users as is the case with ADSL Broadband

Site to site connections – as well as hooking up to the internet, fibre Ethernet can ensure that your sites are linked together via a Wide Area Netwrok or point to point connections.

Guaranteed bandwith – Target make sure that you’re always able to get the bandwidth you require, with symmetrical performance (between 1Mb and 1Gb).

High performance at a fixed cost with options for 12, 24 or 36 month contracts, to suit your budget and strategy

High performance – as a business, it’s not just frustrating when your connection is broken, it could threaten your very existence. However, fibre Ethernet is a reliable and resilient connection able to cope with your every demand offering a 4 hour fix time and 99.98% availability

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