Ethernet over FTTC

Ethernet over FTTC

Ethernet over FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet), is a new type of internet connectivity that offers your business similar guarantees of performance and service levels as Fibre Ethernet, but at lower costs of installation and rental.

Because the service is delivered on standard copper phone lines to the premises, delivery times are much shorter than other types of Ethernet such as EFM and Fibre – typically 13 working days in comparison to up to 65 working days for Fibre.

Businesses have often found that the cost of Fibre Ethernet has been cost prohibitive and as such have been unable to reap the reward of its guarantees around service, but with Ethernet over FTTC, you can benefit from uncontended bandwidth, guaranteed service levels and 7 hour fix time, at a cost that demonstrates a real return on investment.

In order to provide businesses with Ethernet over FTTC, Target Telecoms first confirm that FTTC Broadband is available in your area, and then use existing or new standard phone lines to provide the service. This means there’s little disruption, and a speedy installation time.

There are some clear reasons why businesses should choose Ethernet over FTTC, including:

Guaranteed Performance – You can benefit from guaranteed upload and download speeds of up to 20Mbps.

Uncontested bandwidth – Ethernet over FTTC is a private data circuit that provides uncontended bandwidth, as it’s not shared like ADSL and standard FTTC.

Low set up costs – it’s quicker to install Ethernet over FTTC, compared to other similar products, it’s also a lot cheaper. Where other types of internet connectivity solutions can take over 3 months to install, this takes no more than 13 working days (subject to site survey).

Business Class Service Level Agreement – get the security and peace of mind your business needs with a 7 hour fix time and a guarantee of 99.9% availability.

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